Ken Williford


Ken Williford is an astrobiologist and directs the abcLab. He is also the Deputy Project Scientist for the Mars 2020 mission.

Michael Tuite

Manager & Biogeochemist

Michael uses isotope and organic geochemistry to investigate the interaction of the Earth and its living inhabitants from the earliest evidence for life to the present. He is particularly interested in nitrogen biogeochemistry in Paleozoic epeiric seas.


Dan Petrizzo

Postdoc | 2014-2016

Dan Petrizzo was a post-doc in the abcLab from 2014 to 2016. His research in the abcLab focused on analysis of hydrogen isotopes of water trapped in clays. Dan is now a Systems Engineer on the Mars 2020 mission.

David Flannery

Postdoc | 2014-2015

David Flannery was an abcLab post-doc in 2014/2015. He fancies himself a stromatolite specialist and all-around field geologist. He currently works closely with the abcLab in his capacity as a research scientist working with the Mars 2020 PIXL instrument.

Students & Interns

abcLab Interns

The abcLab has hosted many graduate and undergraduate students during summer internships and throughout the year. Please contact us about opportunities in the lab.